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About Us

Our Story

Paak Funeral Home has provided quality care and practices strictly adhering to the Qur’ān and authentic sunnah – since 2011.

Paak Funeral Home is uniquely qualified to help you and those you care about arrange personalized, meaningful, and affordable funerals. Owned and operated by the Shaykh Dr. Nadeem Qureshi – he and his team manage the first independently licensed Islamic Funeral Home. Conveniently located in Queens, New York – minutes by car and train from Manhattan and all other counties of New York City, NY.

We sympathize with families who can’t afford high-cost funeral services. There is no need to spend an immense amount of money to bury your loved ones by the Islamic Laws. We have an established tradition of helping families create a ceremony essential to the healing process and the Islamic worldview. We provide the same service and funeral for a fraction of the cost, strictly adhering to the Qur’ān and authentic Sunnahs. We provide all services at our funeral home.