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Bodies of Bronx fire victims taken to Islamic funeral home

The bodies of those killed in the horrific Bronx fire were taken to an Islamic funeral home on Friday ahead of a mass funeral scheduled for this weekend.

At least 14 of the 17 victims — many of whom were Muslim immigrants — were wheeled into the Paak funeral home in Queens to be cleansed and wrapped according to Islamic tradition.

Covered by white sheets, the stretchers carrying the bodies were moved one by one into an elevator inside the funeral home and then lowered to the basement level.

The bodies of at least 14 of the 17 victims of the fire were taken to the Paak funeral home. Credits: Dennis A. Clark

The communal funeral for the victims, who all had ties to Gambia, is set to be held at the Islamic Cultural Center in the Bronx on Sunday — exactly a week after the tragedy occurred.

Funerals for at least two of the victims — sisters Seydou Toure, 12, and Haouwa Mahamadou, 5 — were already held Wednesday at a mosque in Harlem.

Among those who are still yet to be laid to rest include a 2-year-old boy, a mother who died with three of her children, and a husband and wife whose four kids are now orphans.